How do I "favorite" a home?


Both agents and consumers can mark homes that they would like to revisit and see again b marking them as a favorite. 

Through a computer, you can favorite a property listing while you are viewing it by clicking the "favorite tab" at the top left. It should be shown as a gray tab, and clearly denoted by an icon of a star. When this icon has been clicked, the star will be filled in blue and the button will change from "favorite" to "unfavorite" If you would like to remove the listing as your favorite, simply click the "unfavorite" button and the star will resume being only a blue border,  and the button will change back to "favorite"

You can now access your "favorited" homes by clicking the "Me" tab on the top right, and selecting"my favorite homes" from the drop down menu. 

Through the Homesnap app on your phone, you can favorite property listings by clicking on the picture of the star, which pops up on a bar that appears while you are scrolling through the listing information. The star will turn to a blue filled in star. If you wish to remove the favorite, just click on the star again.  

To view your favorited homes on the app, click on the "me" tab,  then under my shortcuts tap on "my favorite homes"

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