I took a SNAP but the app won't find the right house, what do I do?

Homesnap uses mechanisms within your mobile device to pinpoint your exact location at the point of the snap. If the app has a hard time determining an exact address, here are some pointers:

After taking the snap, a map will appear with colored dots or flags denoting property addresses.
Scroll on the map until you find your exact location, and click the address of the home you are trying to snap. Homesnap will then recognize your snap with the correct address.

Here are a few other ways to make it easier for Homesnap to determine the snap location:

Make sure you are holding the device in a vertical orientation (home button should be on the bottom) Make sure you are standing outside when take a picture

Try recalibrating the sensors within your iPhone with these two steps:

  • Rotate your phone 360 degrees like a steering wheel
  • Flip your phone 360 degrees towards you
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