How can our team link profiles together? (Homesnap PRO version only)

If one person from the team signs into the App on their phone they can easily link their team together by following these easy steps:



  • Go to your profile 
  • In section that states "My Agent-Only Profile" click on Edit MLSs
  • Click on your verified MLS
  • Now tap "Add MLS Identity"
  • Type in your teammates name, email or agent id and click search. (if you use the same email address you must choose one of the other options)
  • Click on the agent you are trying to add to your team
  • Follow prompts


  • Go to the "Me" tab on the bottom right side of screen
  • Scroll to "Manage MLS Identites"
  • Click the plus sign in upper right hand corner
  • Pick MLS identity 
  • Follow prompts

Once you have completed these steps you and your teammate(s) will be linked.

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