Why should I use Homesnap Messages instead of regular text messaging or email?

Homesnap Messages consolidates all of your real estate conversations in one place organized in a way that makes sense for real estate agents and buyers or sellers.

As a real estate listing agent, all of the messages that you have exchanged about a particular listing - whether with another agent, an open house visitor or your seller - can be easily accessed from the listing property page in Homesnap.

As a real estate buyer’s agent, all of the homes that you have discussed with your buyer can easily be accessed with one tap off of the conversation thread. You can also easily find that conversation thread on your buyer’s profile page in Homesnap. All of the homes you’ve discussed with your buyer can also be easily dropped on a map with one tap.

As a consumer buyer or seller, you can easily pull out all of the homes that you’ve discussed with your agent, significant other, etc with one tap from the conversation thread. Also, with one tap, you can see all of the homes in a conversation on a map.


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