I’m an agent. Are there any special features for me?

Yes, absolutely! The program was specifically designed with agents in mind. All of our “Pro Agents” (agents who have an account with us through their MLS who we have a partnership with) will have access to an enormous amount of tools and special features that your regular agent and consumer will not be able to view.

In a summarized fashion, all of the features that have a “PRO” title next to it, or have yellow bordering around it, are all features that only “Pro Agents” will be able to see, and also use.

Just a few of the features that you will be able to use (and this is by no means a comprehensive list) would consist of:
Placing and ordering listing ads, and video ads through the social media platforms that we partner with
Creating a rapid CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
Send private messages to related agents on listings
Viewing some listings and properties that an MLS might have marked as unviewable to the general public
Actually being able to have your listings show on Homesnap!

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