Can I customize/make changes to my ad after it is live?

Yes! You can select a design you love, change the background image, edit the text and more. All of these customization options are available to you after the ad goes live at no additional cost to you. If you want to make any changes you can do the following:

On the app:

open the app > click on pro agents > click on my ads dashboard> click on my ads > click on the active ad you want to edit > click on the Edit button with the image of the camera next to it > Here you can change the verbiage of the ad; if you want to change the background image click on the current photo and that will sow you all the photos from the MLS as well as some default backgrounds that you can choose from > then click save > to change the template or the landing page/lead form go back to the campaign report screen > click view report next to Facebook > scroll to the very bottom and select advanced options > Click on design to change the design & click on landing page to change the landing page. Make sure to click save when you are done! 

On the Web:

Go to > sign in > click on pro agents > click on my ads dashboard > under the active ads section click view/edit> on the next page under campaign performance click view/edit next to Facebook > Then click edit my ad > choose your new design by using the right and left arrows > then click next > choose your landing page by using the right and left arrows > click next > change your verbiage or change the photo by clicking on the background image to choose a new one > then click save.

(Please allow 15 minutes to 1 hour for the changes to go through and reflect on your live ad)

If you have any trouble making changes to your ad, reach out to our Support Team at  or 800-431-5509

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