Why should I use your service instead of placing the ad myself?

You can certainly place an ad through your own Facebook account, but there are many benefits to using our service. First, we offer a variety of video design options so you don't need to worry about creating your own graphics. Our system automatically pulls in data and images from your MLS to create a video that is specific to you and your activity as an agent. This data is updated weekly to keep your ad fresh and relevant. Text suggestions for each copy line are pre-filled for you, so you can move forward with our default text or edit it according to your marketing plan. Plus, video ads come with a free lead capture page, which is used as the landing page when someone clicks on your ad.

Your ad spend is based on a daily budget and billed monthly. You will always know how much you will be billed for this service, so you can easily budget out your expenses.

We also offer Instagram ad placement in addition to the Facebook campaigns, and you can make this selection within the same order so you don't need to place separate orders. We create the Instagram graphics for you, too. The ad placement on Facebook is done under the Homesnap brand, and many agents like having that brand association on their ads.

Finally, the entire program is automated. We take care of everything for you after you place the order (ZIP targeting, performance optimization, routing leads), and then provide you with a report dashboard so you can track results.

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