Why should I use your service instead of placing the ad myself?

Homesnap is the largest provide of Facebook ads in the real estate industry. As a valued client, we have a direct connection to Facebook. Being attached to your MLS, allows us to automatically design and publish your ad on Facebook when you have a new listing or sale. Additionally we built a tool called the rebalancer. This sits on top of Facebook and allows us to see which audience is viewing your ad the most and then use your budget accordingly. Allowing us to more effectively use your budge than if you were to run an ad on your own. Lastly, we have spent a lot of time perfecting custom audiences. The most important targeting is finding your current sphere of influence. To continuously reach your current clients and past clients we have created a custom audience comprised of: your Homesnap Pro client base, personal website retargeting and Homesnap listing visit retargeting.

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