Why don’t I see my ad?

Facebook optimizes ads based on users' behavior, so it may not be showing you the ad based on how often you personally interact with ads, for example.

Facebook ads run on an auction system. An ad is given a total value based on the amount you bid. In Homesnap’s case that value is either $49, $99 or $149 (our various ad packages). Facebook then has created an algorithm that looks to determine three following things: How much do you as an advertiser value the action you want viewer to take? How likely will that audience take that action? How relevant is your ad to the potential viewer? Advertiser’s ads compete against other businesses to win the bid. The ad with the highest total value wins the auction and will appear on the Facebook user’s news feed. In layman’s terms, you as an agent are telling Facebook the amount of money you want to spend on an ad. In return Facebook is providing you a specific sized target audience and allocating you the amount of clicks and views within that budget. This will answer why your target audience may be 100,000 yet your ad receives 3000 views. There is simply not enough budget to win the ad auction every time.

You can always access a link to your ad on your campaign report page.

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