Will I be able to post my ad to my own wall?

Yes, You can share this post to your Facebook wall! Please follow the steps below to share your post to your personal or business Facebook page. 

On the website:

Make sure that you are already logged into the Facebook account that you are looking to share your ad to in a separate tab on your internet browser. Open a new internet page. Go to Homesnap.com > Sign into Homesnap if you are not already signed in > Click the "Pro Agents" tab > select "My Ads Dashboard" from the drop-down menu > Under the active ads section click "View Report" next to the ad you wish to share > Click the "Facebook" circle located at the top of the page > Scroll down to the "Campaign Performance" section and you will see an image of a phone > Hover your mouse over the phone and you will see an option to visit your live ad > click "Visit" If you are logged into Facebook you will be able to share this ad to your wall by selecting "'share" at the bottom of the ad > Congratulations! You've shared your ad to your Facebook! 

On the App:

Open the homesnap app > click on the "Pro Agents" tab > click " My ads dashboard" Select the "My ads" option at the top > Tap on the campaign that you would like to share on Facebook > Tap "View report" under the Facebook section > scroll to the bottom until you see the section called "live campaign" > tap on "Live ad" > sign into Facebook at the top (if you haven't already) > select "share" at the bottom of your ad > Congratulations! You've shared your ad to Facebook! 

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