What are the benefits of advertising on each of the 4 networks?

Google owns 71% of the search market share and has the largest online display advertising network. With 92% of buyers and sellers beginning their search for a home online, the tech giant’s network is ideal for boosting brand awareness and generating high-intent leads.


Due to Facebook’s high volume of monthly active users (2+ billion) and the amount of time users spend on the network (checking it 14x a day, on average), Facebook is a strong option for agents who want to improve brand awareness and generate a high volume of leads. It is also an ideal network for direct engagement with potential clients.


With Instagram’s 77+ million U.S. users, ads on this network reach a wide audience, improving brand and listing awareness while generating leads. The social network’s main demographic skews younger, but users are highly active. Beautifully composed photos and engaging videos perform well on Instagram.


Waze, the wildly popular social navigation app, has more than 90 million active global users. Drivers who use Waze spend more than 7 hours per month on average in the app. Geo-targeted ads on this network show your listings to users at the most relevant moment - when they are driving nearby. This not only improves listing awareness, but increases foot traffic and delivers hot leads.

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