Homesnap Newsletter - What is it?

The newsletter is a weekly e-mailing that goes out to all of your connected clients that provides some market information as well as some listings in areas connected to certain criterion which I will explain. I did just want to quickly mention that this is a free feature of Homesnap that neither you nor your clients have to pay for!

The newsletter is generated according to the following criterion in order by importance:

1) The preferred zips or areas that your client has chosen
2) Whichever zips the client has recently viewed listings in
3) Your preferred zip codes as an agent
4) Areas where you've had deals
5) The location of your current office or brokerage
6) Areas that you have recently viewed listings in
7) The actual physical location or IP address of wherever the consumer currently is

Unfortunately, you are not able to edit or modify what is being sent out, as each newsletter is completely unique to each client based on the above criterion. You can "influence" the newsletter by editing certain things in your profile according to the above criterion, and you can also advise your clients that the things they search for and areas that they have chosen as primary locations will "influence" their newsletters as well!

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