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With Homesnap Digital Marketing Campaigns, you get more than just fully managed, platform-optimized ads. You get an integrated campaign with a unified brand presence and one powerful message spread across the web. 

Our listing ads packages promote specific listings (just sold or just listed) to a targeted buyer audience across the most trafficked online networks. You can purchase these on a one-off basis, or as a subscription package with discounting.

1. Our Facebook ads ($49-$499 per listing) will target your sphere of influence and local consumers with relevant ads to boost your brand and drive new business. Set a budget to earn thousands of clicks and views from a qualified audience.

2. Similarly, Homesnap can target clients on Instagram to reach a millennial audience that is itching to buy or sell their first home ($49-$499 per listing). 

3. As drivers use the Waze app while driving, your listing will appear when they are nearby if they are targeted by the ad. It's just like a digital For Sale sign! We currently have two Waze advertising options available:

For Agents: $99 - $499 per active listing

  • Includes listing pin, preview screen & promoted search

For Teams & Brokers: $999 for up to 50 active listings

  • Includes branded pins, preview screen, promoted search & digital billboards! 

4. The Google advertising platform can target buyers and sellers who are actively searching for and communicating about home sales ($99-$499 per listing).

  • Google display captures attention with interactive ads that are displayed on the web across multiple devices
  • Google search positions your brand at the top of search results to reach actively searching buyers and sellers
  • Gmail inbox ads helps you get noticed with interactive ads placed at the top of people's inboxes. When clicked, these ads expand to the size of an email to display your listing

Facebook Video Ads (with optional Instagram add-on) are designed to present an agent's brand and listings to a targeted group of potential buyers and clients. You can customize the ad in many ways, including showing a parade of your listings or creating a do-it-yourself video tour of an important listing.

- The ad runs for an entire month, and automatically renews every 30 days unless you contact support at least 48 hours before the renewal date. You choose the cost per day based upon how much exposure you would like, ranging from $3/day to $40/day. You will be charged the full monthly amount when the order is submitted.

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