Using Your Own Domain

How to point your custom domain to your Homesnap Pro+ Agent Website? 

If you’re using your own domain to your Homesnap’s Agent Website, you will need to change both your A-Record (IP address) and CNAME (hosting platform) to Homesnap’s settings. Please follow the steps below to change the settings of your domain provider, if you run into any trouble, we suggest you call your domain provider’s support team. 

To map your domain to Homesnap, you’ll need to log into your domain provider’s website and change the A-Record and CNAME. These can usually be found within the Domain Name Systems (DNS) section or the DNS Zone File. 

A Record 

  • Change to 
  • Host should be @ or * depending on the registrar

Once these changes are made, it may take 12-24 hours for Homesnap to see the changes and create your website.


If you’ve made all these changes and your website still isn’t working, please check for these following issues: 


  1. Caching: Your browser might have stored a local cached version of your website on the browser. Try clearing your cache, use a new browser, test in incognito/private mode, or test the site on mobile device. 
  2. Propagation: DNS updates you made may take longer to propagate depending on your domain provider. Typically it takes around 4-6 hours to propagate. Please test to make sure everything has propagated using

  3. Error in Homesnap settings: Make sure the domain you’ve provided to homesnap matches the domain you’ve purchased with your domain provider.


Useful Tools:  Find out where a domain is registered and the status of a domain Check the current DNS records of a domain 

How to Update Your GoDaddy Account to Map Your Domain 

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account. Once you’re logged in, you will see your domain dashboard. Next to your domain, Click DNS. 


Step 2: This will bring you to Records page, where you can edit your A-Record and CNAME.


Step 3: Click the edit(pencil) button for A-Records, update the settings as shown below. Click Save when you’re done. 


Once you’ve finished updating these settings, give it 24 hours for your website to be live.

If you need any additional help, contact our support team at

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